Sixth Door to the Left is a infrequently updated fiction anthology feed for short stories that needs to be told. Tone may vary greatly, as we ask the question: What’s behind door number 6? Sixth Door to the Left is a Divine Rodentia Studios production, Part of the Stygian Catalyst network and the Podcasts Against Apartheid movement

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Episode 3: Ding

Listen to The Mystery Frequency: assassin rides the elevator to the next job, but will he even get t...

Episode 2: The Mountain Troll's Awakening to The Devil's Plaything from our friends at Tlacuache Theatre:

Episode 1: Rat Hole

In January 2024 an indentation in the asphalt shaped like a rat mysteriously appeared in Chicago. All traces of the once great city have vanished, save for these news ...

Trailer: Sixth Door to the Left

Divine Rodentia Studios Presents: Sixth Door to the Left, a infrequently updated anthology feed for short stories that cannot fit anywhere else.TranscriptsFor all thin...

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